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Venture Investors, Advisors, Partners, and Builders

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Welcome to
StageDotO Ventures

We're venture investors, advisors, partners and builders.

You could be here for any number of reasons...

We're here for THREE:


One bite at a time. One serve at a time. One snowflake at a time. One stride at a time. We’ve been at this long enough to live by the sum, not the parts. But we know persistence pays off and our founders put their heads down when it’s time to put their heads down. And we’re right there with them.


There will be the unexpected and it might be a problem. But there will not be panic. When we embrace a premise, part of the process is to allow it the time to take shape. That’s not to say anyone is waiting on stalactites to form. We’re certainly not. It’s just that it takes a minute to dig a moat.


Without it, we just have jobs. Good jobs, sure. It’s just a lot easier to bring the lunch pail every day when the dream is to see a skyscraper poke through the clouds. There is little we care more about than company creation. We thrive on the energy of our entrepreneurs. They likely put their lives on hold to do this. We cannot imagine missing the chance to join them on the way.

What we do at StageDotO

We lead early stage investments in compelling companies building the world’s best products. 


This is where the journey (and the real work) begins.

“When the majority of investors dismissed us as too early, StageDotO embraced our vision and have been invaluable partners in the critical formative stage when we needed them most.”


Greg Ingram, CEO
Capital Markets Gateway

Our Partners Perspective

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Big windshield, small rear view mirror

"We are all here trying to get better. It’s important to glance at your past but keep your eyes on the future while appreciating today.  The world is moving so fast, one does not have too much time for regret.  That is a waste of mental capital, which is our greatest asset.  Make decisions, live with them, learn from them and keep on moving."

Mike Self

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

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