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ur approach

Our founders gain active partners, advisory, and an expert network to accelerate their vision with optimal growth.


Integrity is the Foundation

We do what we say we will do.

We go to work at the early stage with ambitious founders who consider us their most trusted & helpful advisors. We roll up your sleeves and dive into our investments, working elbow to elbow with our founders from inception.


Our expertise in strategic growth and operational excellence drives business forward and differentiates our companies as scalable world-class organizations.

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StageDotO HQ

The Process Matters

Our process weaves a common thread amongst our companies and leads to amazing outcomes.



We invest in founders with deep domain expertise in their field, understanding the problems they are solving at the enterprise level. We look for game changing technology that disrupts and drives advancement in large and expanding markets.


Founders matter most in our investment decisions.



Our level of involvement is higher. Typically we meet with founders on a weekly basis to discuss status, address pain points, coach leadership, make decisions, adjust strategy and keep us all focused on milestones and fundable metrics. 


We care about the outcomes and we are accountable together.

Realize Value


Our Limited Partners trust us with their capital to manage risk and grow value.  Experience in the nuance of venture capital deals is a differentiator.  We pride ourselves on being proactive, creative and strategic in financing rounds, M&A, and the path to IPO

Performance matters and as fiduciaries we take realization of value seriously.

Our Founder Path

When a founder invites us to be on their cap table, we view this as an honor and a responsibility.

Venture into our step-by-step approach and how we collaborate with founders.  We call it the StageDotO Founder Path

Our Founders Perspectives

Talk with a few StageDotO Founders and they’ll tell you how we’re different.



"StageDotO is the early-stage investment founders always hope for and rarely get—deeply committed and well-connected with invaluable experience. Mike and Matt are true partners in the growth of our company and guides in the ever-changing venture landscape."

Cara Oppenheimer


Cary Telander Fortin


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